SEM Crochet Club

Michael Valencia , Sports Editor

Want to pick up a new hobby? Or even just want to meet some new friends. Well, the Crochet Club is the perfect place for you. The Crochet Club was established at SEMHS when Alba Hernandez Moreno and Alexis Rivera wanted to introduce the students of SEMHS to the art of crocheting, and give students a place to come together and crochet. 

The Crochet Club has weekly meetings every Thursday at lunch time in Ms. Lelchuk’s room 191. Students and staff are free to attend the club at any time every Thursday during lunch. If you are worried that you don’t have any prior knowledge or experience with crocheting don’t be, Ms. Lelchuk the club advisor had this to say, “No, you do not need prior experience to join the club. The members are happy to teach you!” 

Although the Crochet Club was just recently established this Fall at SEMHS, they try their best to supply students with the needed equipment to start crocheting. “Materials are provided but only limited supply,“ stated Alba Hernandez Moreno, the Crochet Club president. The Crochet Club still strongly encourages any students interested in joining to bring their own materials.

The Crochet Club is always open every Thursday for all interested in joining, so feel free to drop by. Be ready to make some new friends and learn to crochet around some wonderful people. For more information on the club please visit room 191 or email Ms. Lelchuk [email protected] and Alba Hernandez Moreno [email protected].