Dia de los Muertos

Cesar Nunez , Features Editor

Dia de los Muertos is a set of two days Tuesday November 1st through Wednesday November 2nd, dedicated to those who have passed on. The Day of the Dead originated with the Aztecs but is now mostly celebrated in some parts of the U.S., Spain, the Philippines, Mexico, and a lot of South America. Although it’s celebrated in several parts of the world, people do celebrate it in different ways. This year at South, we celebrated Dia de Los Muertos by, establishing a stand where we put the pictures of those who have passed on here at South. 


Ms. Casillas, a teacher at South after being asked why is Dia De los Muertos significant to her she responded, “I have loved ones that have passed away. This is a time to remember them.” When asked what does Dia De los Muertos mean to her she responded by saying, “It’s a time to remember loved ones.” The main purpose of this holiday is to remember the ones who have passed on. I had also asked her how she celebrates the holiday and she celebrated by going to the cemetery and going to her mom’s to eat. This is also similar to what people in the community do: families set up an altar for loved ones with their favorite things, if possible they visit their resting place, and after all of that they eat, dance, and do other activities like play soccer after the day is done.


A student, Donny Gomez, a freshman at South was also asked the same questions. He was asked why Dia de los Muertos is significant to him. ”I grew up in the culture and that is a way we show our loved ones who passed away how much we missed them and this is the best time to connect with them.” This is one of the best times for families to show their ancestors that they care, love, and honor them for their achievements regardless of what they did or didn’t do. I had also asked him what does Dia de los Muertos mean to him and he said, “It’s a very special and unique day that I can connect, feel their presence and take the time to tell the news to the family.”  This day is also a very good day to reconnect with the family after not seeing them after a long while. It is kind of like a family event in which everyone takes time to be there for each other and celebrate together. Many families do celebrate Dia de los Muertos very differently and Donny is no exception, he celebrates by setting up an altar with a picture of his loved ones with flowers, candles, favorite food, music, drinks and songs. Donny’s family also likes to eat, decorate, and clean the tombstone. Andrew Martinez, listed what he does for this holiday. He goes with his family to the cemetery to bring fresh flowers and leave some food for them. Then he goes to his uncle’s house to celebrate the rest of the day with his family by eating, playing games, and dancing.

Dia de Los Muertos is a really important holiday to honor passed loved ones and show them the honor, love, and respect they deserve and the importance that the holiday exemplifies. The fact that it is a day for family togetherness, love and mourning for the ones who have passed on makes it a cultural event of significance that should be remembered.