Halloween 2022 Food Fair


Featured from left to right: Marlene Pedraza, Ashley, Stephanie Vega, Mrs. Frias, Daisy Garcia, and Samantha

Alyssa Villa, Photography Editor

On October 28th the Halloween food fair was held in the quad of SEMHS. The Halloween food fair is when many of the different clubs at SEMHS sell food to raise money for their club. The Quadratics tutoring club sold nachos , Class of 2023 sold aguas frescas, FBLA sold boba, among other food offerings. Some of the other standouts were pasta, mochi donuts, tacos, pepper bellies, tamales, Tito’s sandwiches, and churros. Students had an opportunity to indulge in foods they normally are not able to eat on campus. 

 The quad was packed with students eager to buy food, and tables that were displaying the different clubs and items for sale. Sophomore Alex Medina said “It was cool seeing all the different varieties of food they had for us, and it was so hard to choose what I wanted to buy.” The most popular stand seemed to be the Class of 2023 who was selling aguas frescas. They sold out very quickly and their line was very long with students who wanted a refreshing drink. More stands that seemed to be very popular were CSF who were selling tacos, as well as the Chess club who sold papas and chicharrones, and Seaperch club who sold snow cones. Many people enjoyed the food fair and the different delicious foods being sold.

In addition to the food fair, members of the K-pop club also performed some dances on stage. Sophomore Bibi Nguyen, a member of the K-pop club said “It was absolutely terrifying and I was about to drop the dance, but I was really glad I decided not to since performing was really fun.” The k-pop club’s crowd was huge since they performed during the food fair, but they still danced amazingly on stage.

Overall, this year’s food fair was a huge success. Many students showed up and supported the clubs at SEMHS by buying food. The stands were filled with students who wanted to buy delicious food and drinks. Hopefully, next year will be just as successful.