Opinions on the New Quad


Roderick Martinez, Editorials Editor

For a little while now, South El Monte High School’s quad has been under construction. After Winter Break, students came back to a gated quad. This brought much confusion  until the South Faculty had a ceremony explaining what was going on. South El Monte High school has now officially opened its doors to the new quad at South El Monte, this has brought much excitement to many students and faculty after all the crowded halls, awkward bumping, and small spaces.

I was able to get some opinions from Dr. Morales, the principal of South El Monte High School. “The quad came out just as we planned, that’s the beauty of the help that they gave us in architect. … I really feel like it’s gonna draw us in together.”. He said this because he is hoping the future school events could bring new friendships and build a stronger bonded community.

Sophomore Elijah Estrada had this to say about the quad, “I really like the new quad. It really changes how South looks compared to other years that I’ve been here. It’s really cool that they added a whole bunch of new grass and cool tall curbs to sit on. The new plants are pretty cool too as also the new stage. The trees are probably my favorite part because they provide so much shade for those hot days.”. He now likes to walk near the trees when he gets the chance.

The new quad has come out good and many are happy with it. People are really in love with it because of the amazing beneifts that all the trees, curbs, etc,. The construction workers, administrators, and board are the ones to really appreciate when it comes the this new quad. It is due to be done in a few weeks with new trash cans to keep the quad clean. There are also some new benches coming in soon to finish off the clean, fresh, and new look of South El Monte High School’s quad.