South El Monte Comes Up Short in Homecoming Classic Game versus Rosemead


Michael Valencia, Sports Editor

On Friday, September 30, 2022 South El Monte football had their homecoming game against Rosemead. South El Monte was going into the game confident with a game against Glendale (35-0) the prior week. This confidence was not enough though for South El Monte to secure the win. 


South El Monte had won the coin toss at the beginning of the game and chose to differ. They came out and shut out Rosemead, holding them to a punt. The Eagles went for a punt block with Joseph Sanchez which was successful, causing the ball to be recovered by Michael Valencia and ran back for a touchdown. (7-0) 


Rosemead received the ball on a kick off and had a good drive against the Eagles. Rosemead drove the ball down the field on the Eagles with a mix of running and passing. Rosemead was on the 17 yard line when they ran the ball down the middle for a Panthers touchdown. Their extra point was blocked by the Eagles leaving the score (7-6). 


South El Monte Eagle Christopher Vasquez had a good return on a kick off returning the ball to the Panthers 45 yardline. The Eagles came out and scored their second play of their drive with a run down the middle to Alexander Ramos, who ran it in for a 37 yard touchdown. The 1st quarter ended with the Eagles up (14-6).


Rosemead came out strong in the 2nd quarter driving the ball down the field on the Eagles and scoring another touchdown, a 15 yard run. The Eagles offense could not do anything against the panther defense and was shut out every drive. Rosemead capitalized on this and made sure to score again, which they did on a short pass. This ended the second quarter leaving half time with the score (14-21) Rosemead up. 


The 3rd quarter was a lot slower with both teams getting shut out and no teams scoring. This went on until Rosemead recovered an interception right before the end of the quarter. They gained a first down and went into the 4th quarter with the ball. They drove the ball again on the Eagles leading to another touchdown run to #2 Nico Banuelos. The Eagles tried to drive the ball down the field, but were stopped by the Panthers defense. Rosemead ended the game by taking a knee ending the game with a final score 28-14 in favor of Rosemead.