The Project That Is Bringing South El Monte Together


Stephanie Vega, Social Media Editor

A week after students returned from winter break, an announcement was made that the quad would be closed for construction. With this closure, students were forced to relocate to different areas of school like near the student store. For several months to come, many hours were put into this project. Dr. Morales shared that he worked closely with a construction firm to ensure the quad was perfect. 

After six and a half months,  students arrived back on their first day of school to a brand new quad. A quad with a leveled walkway and bright green scenery. The ribbon-cutting ceremony occurred on back-to-school night. Some of the attendees included the superintendent, Dr. Zuniga, the principal of South El Monte High School, Dr. Morales, ASB President, Camila Ortega, and other board members of trustees. During the ceremony, the board of trustees of El Monte Unified High School District thanked students and parents for their unconditional support and patience during the period and process of the construction. 

Now that the quad is officially open, many events have taken place like Club Rush and the Homecoming Fashion Show. Dr. Morales hopes that this new area will give students the opportunity to come close to major events like graduation which is proposed to occur on the quad this year. However, he also hopes that it will allow students the opportunity to spread apart and enjoy the quad to its fullest. Students like Katherine Garcia Lopez and Henry Liem enjoy the new quad. Katherine believes the quad “is a good idea because it makes traveling to class easier and looks nice and cool.” Henry Liem was “a little confused why there was a gate around the quad,” and now knows why, and he really likes the quad.

There is only one piece left to this puzzle, which is the new lunch tables that Dr. Morales is waiting on. Since the quad is one of the school’s newer renovations, Dr. Morales shared that students and parents should expect more renovations, for years to come. He hopes the gym could be renovated first and then all the classrooms could get make-overs too.