Journalism 2022-2023 coming soon…


R. Johnson

Students are eagerly anticipating the 2022-2023 school year.

Ryan Johnson , Advisor

This fall the students of journalism will be returning with brand new stories ranging from national headline news to school news, sports, editorials, feature stories, and fashion. Students are currently getting acclimated to the new school year while also getting to know their classmates.

Students are excited for their upcoming year in journalism. Senior and social media editor Stephanie Vega stated, “I am excited and nervous for my new role as social media editor.” Senior, and 4th year journalism student editor-in-chief Jesenia Garcia said, “It’s bittersweet, because this is my last year in journalism, but I’m excited to see what we’re going to produce this year.”

Returning sophomore and sports editor Michael Valencia expressed, “I am excited to use what I learned last year to produce better articles for the school’s website.” Returning sophomore and photography editor Alyssa Villa said, “I am happy to be back, I really enjoy writing for this class, I hope my stories improve this year.”

New student news editor, senior Faith Garcia-Aguilar stated, “I enjoy writing and being able to cover topics about school events, and news.” Sophomore, and new fashion editor Natalia Vargas said, “I feel excited and look forward to writing and taking pictures for the fashion section.”

With the opening of the new quad, and the pandemic further in the rear view mirror, students are excited about the possibilities for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.