Why Roe V Wade Shouldn’t be Overturned


Alyssa Villa, South Side Editor

Roe versus Wade is a lawsuit that establishes a constitutional right to an abortion in the United States. At the beginning of May, a draft was leaked of the supreme court agreeing to overturn Roe V Wade. This would mean that most conservative states in the US would ban abortions. I believe that if the supreme court were to overturn Roe V Wade it would cause many problems.

Abortion is a procedure that is usually held through the ninth week of pregnancy. It uses medication or surgery to end a pregnancy. Abortions are held when the expecting mother can not care for the child. Some reasons that women would get an abortion are if they aren’t ready for a baby yet, or if they don’t have the money to care for a baby. Abortions should be a human right and I don’t think anybody should be forced to have a child if they don’t want one. 

If Roe V Wade is overturned many women would have to keep a child that they know they can’t care for. Many people believe that women who have abortions are killers, but having a baby they can’t care for is abuse and would hurt the baby more. Another thing that would happen if Roe V Wade is overturned is many women would have unsafe abortions. Unsafe abortions can result in many complications and even death. More than 7 million women a year have complications from unsafe abortions and one of the leading causes of death during pregnancy is unsafe abortions.

Women should not be forced to have a child if they don’t want one. Abortions should always be legal in the United States.