South El Monte Sports Overview



Eagle’s first home Friday Night Lights.

Michael Valencia, News Editor

When South El Monte High School reopened after being in a long distance learning period for over a year, sports also returned to the school. Most sports came back to South El Monte, but some did have a rough season, nonetheless some did have a great 2021-22 season. 

South El Monte football had a rough season this year with a 4-6 record. The Eagles won 2 non-league games and 2 league games, having a league record of 2-3. Out of the ten schools South El Monte faced they beat Alhambra 42-20, Bell Gardens 21-12, Gabrielino 49-14, and Mountain View 31-15. The Eagles did not have their best season, but are booking forward to the 2022-23 season.

The boys Varsity baseball team had a very young team this 2021-22 season and did fairly well. They went on to have a league record of 5-7 and an overall record of 10-11. The games that stood out were Bell Gardens and Gabrielino, the Eagles beat Bell Gardens with a whopping score of 12-0. When they faced Gabrielino they played 14 innings which set a school record for the longest game ever played at South El Monte.

The Varsity basketball team had a fairly good season too having a league record of 6-6 putting them right at the .500 mark. They ended their season with 6 wins and 6 loses. Their overall record was 10-16. This team was also very young having freshman Tony Aguillar III starting a few varsity games. They are looking forward to the future of the program with all the young talent they have.

South El Monte High school is looking forward to the 2022-23 sports seasons. Covid-19 was a setback for sports, and did have an effect on the teams this 2021-22 season, but didn’t stop the Eagles from having fun and playing their hardest.