Reflection of 2021-2022


David Renteria, Sports Editor

The school year is almost coming to end, with finals right around the corner. Students coming back to school from distance learning, this new high school experience has been different from any other South El Monte high school year. New rules, new quad, and many other various changes to the school. Let’s take a look at some events that new and old students got to experience this year.

On September 3rd, 2021, South El Monte High School organized an event during lunch called “Club Rush,” where students were able to join different types of clubs they wanted to participate in. Presidents of the clubs with their advisor set up stands and work to convince students to join their clubs and learn something new or do something they enjoy.

The homecoming dance which took place on September 17th, was the first dance South El Monte hosted on campus near the gym on the blacktop. This dance was something most students looked forward to, due to Covid-19 forcing us to do distance learning. Seniors Michelle Martinez and Eduardo Morales were both announced homecoming queen and king, and danced together with their dazzling crowns.

A spirit week beginning October 14, 2021, celebrating breast cancer awareness week, where students wore pink ribbons in solidarity for women who have been affected by breast cancer or died due to it. On Monday, students wore work-out clothes, Tuesday students participated by wearing pink socks, Wednesday students wore the brand PINK if they had it, Thursday student’s put on pink accessories, and on Friday students dressed pink. Pink shirts were also made for students to wear during that spirit week.

Valentine’s Day, where we give our significant others or close peers a huge amount of love. On February 14th, 2022, the GSA Pride club hosted an event in the “new quad,” where students could pay $4 to get “married” with one other person and receive a certificate, ring pops serving as a wedding ring so it can look like an actual marriage.

Due to lack of ticket sales, the Sadie’s Dance and Last Bash have been canceled. Unfortunately freshman weren’t able to participate in these events, but there’s always next year.

Students grew from this new high school experience, whether they improved socially, academically, etc. “At the beginning it was a bit hard to get used to the high school environment, but I ended up getting used to it. I started making some friends and talking to people I’ve never talked to before and it was really cool getting to know other people. The classes were hard to keep up with at first, but then I started scheduling my assignments and things I needed to get done so I could be more organized. Joining clubs was fun because I felt like these people also like the same things I like so I shouldn’t feel ashamed about my interests. I felt comfortable coming to school, and I was always excited to see if I would make a new friend or something. Now it’s coming to an end and I’m kinda sad about it, but I’m glad that I have 3 more years of school,” Julieta Gonzalez, a freshman here at South El Monte High School said.

Dayanara Hernandez who is graduating this year shares her senior year coming back from distance learning as a junior. “What I enjoyed about my senior year was that it was my last year. I loved all the senior activities we had and that I was able to enjoy my last year in person. I also enjoyed how I was able to be part of the yearbook again. My freshman and sophomore year I was very bubbly and loud, and when quarantine hit I became very quiet and to myself. Until we came back I was still quiet and to myself, but now that I’m towards the end of the year, I think I’m slowly coming back as being the bubbly person I used to be.”