Last Bash Canceled


Last Bash has been cancelled due to low ticket sales

Rosario Mariano, South Side Editor

On May 20, 2022, the ASB class was going to be hosting the last dance of the year which is commonly known as the Last Bash. This event was to be held from 7 pm – 11 pm. All grade levels were able to attend this event. Guests from other schools were also welcome to participate in this dance. 

The ASB class tried to get people to buy by offering a free meal to the first 200 people who purchased a ticket. Coming back to school had changed a lot for people such as students. Throughout the year there has been a lack of ticket sales that caused dances to be canceled. 

The Last Bash was not the only dance that was canceled. Sadies is a dance that was also canceled. Sadies is a dance here the cards are reversed where the female asks the male out to the dance. 

Some students shared their thoughts based on the last bash being canceled. Senior, Angel Lorenzo said, “My thoughts about the last bash being canceled was disappointing because I was looking forward to my last dance as a senior, and the food that was gonna be given. I would’ve loved to enjoy my last year here with one more event or dance.” 

Students who were looking to participate in dances feel disappointed due to the lack of ticket sales. Sophomore, Fernando Lorenzo shared more about his feelings and thoughts. He said, “The lack of ticket sales is disappointing but I feel this has nothing to do with the students. They much prefer to go to a cheaper and eye-catching dance at another school. Although I purchased the ticket for 38 dollars instead of a 20-dollar guest ticket at Arroyo, I know most people are going over there because of the theme and the expense. Truly to motivate students to attend dances I feel there’s a need to put the dance out there more with signs and constant announcements and to encourage students the theme has to be fun and colorful although the ‘cowboy’ theme was eye-catching to some students, most students wouldn’t like dressing like a cowboy speaking on the behalf of people that I’ve spoken to about the dance it’s just plain and colorless unlike Arroyos filled with color it’s cheap.”

Sophomore, Salvador Lopez shared, “I wanted the dance to happen because the school year is ending and I wanted to spend it most with my friends. One thing of advice I would give was to attend these events because it only happens once.” Sophomore, Wilber Perez elaborated, “I thought it was kinda lame that it got canceled because I was planning to go before we leave for the Summer.” As much as some students wanted this event to have occurred, it was unfortunate that they would have no last dance due to the lack of people wanting to attend.

Hopefully next school year our ASB members get to sell out all the tickets needed for dances and events to occur. Prom was the last dance our Seniors closed it off with, which was a success.