Heading for the Finish Line after Spring Break

Aleana Magana, Features Editor

The students of South El Monte High School have been stuck at home for spring break due to Covid for two years. Fortunately, the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted which has allowed for many students to go out with their friends during this break. Many students have admitted to being grateful that there will be a break and began to elucidate their long awaited plans. This year, spring break has been highly anticipated. The administration of South El Monte High School was unsure whether or not this break would take place due to COVID-19 surges. Luckily, the El Monte Union High School District will be providing test kits for the students to use before returning to school. Having these test kits will most certainly reduce the anticipated number of cases at school. 


Many students at South El Monte High School were thrilled for spring break. Marylin Martínez, a senior who attends SEMHS stated, “I am actually very excited for spring break. My family and I are planning to go to Knotts and have a small beach trip over this break.” Coming back to school may or may not be safe according to how well students take care of themselves over the break. Marylin said, “I feel that coming back to school will almost be normal because this time, we are certain that we’ll come back. The students will be refreshed and well rested which will be good for when we go back into the classroom setting.” After spring break students should be rested and better focused on school because they have had time to let loose and take time for themselves. 


Spring break is a time for students to get their mind off of school and just have fun while not having to worry about school work. Even though students are having fun most of them will forget the work they have learned. Gustavo Ruiz, freshman who attends SEMHS said, “Coming back from spring break I will probably forget little things I learned before the break.” According to Gustavo he feels going on spring break will not have an affect on school regarding COVID-19. He is looking forward to “Visiting family and friends.” 


This is the first year all students have been to school in person for a full year. A big change to students considering they have not been in the classroom for a full year since 2019. Students now need to prepare to finish their last month of school. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen are getting ready for finals week. They will need to be well rested and focused in order to do well on tests. As the school year is winding down, Seniors are ready to graduate and go off to college.