Cafeteria Reopening


Juan Chiguindo, Sports Editor

After many months of this school year having the cafeteria closed, it finally reopened during the last week of March. The cafeteria remained closed for a long period of time since March 28, of 2022 due to the cases of Covid-19 quickly increasing as well as the new variants that were being discovered such as the Omicron variant. 

After having the cafeteria reopen the Eagle’s Nest decided to get the points of view of other people based on their thoughts of having the cafeteria open once again. Senior Rosario Mariano said, “I feel like the cafeteria reopening is something pleasant because there’s more space for others to go eat and hang out with their friends. It also gives others the opportunity to be at a more comfortable place.” 

Freshman Michael Valencia stated when asked how he felt when they first announced that they were first closing the cafeteria and people were going to sit outside stated, “it was surprising because of the construction outside on the quad, and there’s not much room to eat your food, so it was surprising that they were going to do that, and it kinda sucked because there were less places to hang out with your friends.” When asked about the cafeteria reopening again and finally having the opportunity to eat inside of the cafeteria like before Michael said, “Now it feels good because now we have the option to go to the cafeteria and eat our food in there like before its just better to having the cafeteria open and having more room in the school and since the quad is under construction it feels good to eat your food in there”.

The cafeteria is a really convenient spot for students to enjoy their lunch and hang out in a common space with their friends. Cafeteria Manager Fernanda Gallegos said, ” It was necessary for the cafeteria to close based on the situation and the virus the students would always stay very close to each other and some of them would not wear their masks.” When asked how she felt about the cafeteria reopening Fernanda said, “I felt good and happy to see the cafeteria reopen, but the students still bunch up, and sit close to each other but I’m glad to see that they let us open up the cafeteria again so that we can serve lunch to the students.”