Why Masks Shouldn’t be Worn After Mandate


Luke Garcia

Some students, have expressed fatigue when it comes to wearing masks in the classroom.

Luke Garcia, Features Editor

On March 11th, 2022 California officially lifted the mask mandate for indoor use.  This means that people who go inside a public business or commercial property are not required to wear a mask. Several school districts have followed the state’s lead by lifting the mandate of indoor use of masks for kids.  School districts such as Downey USD, Pasadena USD, Beverly Hills USD, Santa Monica-Malibu USD, and many more. EMUHSD is now looking into lifting the mandate here at our school and others in the district.  

I believe that the EMUHSD should lift the mandate for indoor mask use for students. Why I believe this is because many schools all around the US are no longer required to wear masks inside classrooms. I feel that our school district should try to change mask use in school.  Many students are tired, annoyed, and just want to take them off all the time.  Masks have a minor vision block, and also blocks people’s voices a little.  It makes students and school staff have to talk louder than they usually do for others to be able to hear them. 

“The reason why I don’t like masks is because, like whenever you have glasses on, it kinda fogs up, so 50% of the time you can’t really see, and you have to pull up your masks and pinch it a little more or you have to wipe the fog off your glasses,” said David Shen, a student at South El Monte High School. Another student, Leonardo Diaz-Chavez stated, “I think the mask mandate should be lifted to where it’s optional to wear masks in classrooms because sometimes it gets annoying having to wear it all day or all school day.”