Mr. Kidder is Retiring


Tyler Macias, Fashion Editor

Mr. Kidder has been giving history lectures to students since 1996. He started as a substitute teacher, but unfortunately 2022 will be his last year passing on his knowledge to students. Retirement is something that most look forward to, and that includes Mr. Kidder. While it may be sad to see one of your staff members go this year, it’s not in vain. There can be many things ahead of retirement, it all depends on what you do with that time.

Mr. Kidder said that retirement is like closing a door and opening a new one. Or like ending a chapter and beginning a new one. After retirement, he plans to spend time with his family and travel. Mr. Kidder wants to trace his history and learn more about his family’s story. He’d also like to see the beach and places with historical significance such as Virginia, or Washington D.C. Mr. Kidder is a history teacher, so seeing these places is particularly interesting to him. He mentioned wanting to drive down route 66, but that depends on the gas prices. As for his time at South El Monte High School, he expressed the ways it has affected him. For example, he said that working with kids has tricked his mind into thinking that he is younger than he actually is.

With his years of experience, Mr. Kidder is sure to have some advice to give to both students and teachers. For teachers, Mr. Kidder said, “Go with the flow. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing now, get out now and always have fun.” As for students, he stated, “Always try to do your best for whatever you attempt. Never forget where you come from.” He says that the advice of “Never forget where you come from” is something that he values personally because it is something that he experienced. “Not everyone grows up the same way.” Mr. Kidder stated, “Some are poor, some are more affluent than others, some grow up in a two parent home, some have only one parent. Some of us just have it tougher than others. Whatever the case, this is the time that molds us into who we are.” He went on to explain how he went from being poor to being successful. Mr. Kidder never forgot what it took him to get where he is at the moment. He wants students to look back on the work they have done to get where they are today, so they can see how far they have come.

As you close the year off you’ll say goodbye to many other teachers, don’t waste time and ask them for advice, and thank them if they have helped you. They’ll all have something to contribute, just like Mr. Kidder.