Prom 22 Nominations


Janira Hernandez, Photography Editor

On Monday, March 14, 2022, a survey for prom nominations was sent out via email to the senior and junior classes. Those who were able to run are seniors, and they are to complete prom nomination posts online. Many seniors ran for prom court many of which are student athletes, or class club members.

Prom has been long anticipated since the beginning of the school year due to the fact that the pandemic canceled prom for the last two school years. Some may say that this event may have been long-awaited since the first day of high school, with the exception of graduation. As the historical event soon approaches, prom nomination posts began being posted on social media platforms such as Instagram to draw attention to those who want the title of prom king or queen.

The prom nomination form closed this past Friday, March 18th. Some of the students promoting their running for prom court are Emiliana Morales, Alexis Ramos, Christian Hernandez, Zujey Ramirez, and Martha Ramirez. Seniors and Juniors were to nominate candidates between the week of March 14-18 in order for the king or queen to be decided upon by the event date of  April 9th, 2022. On March 22nd, another Google form was sent out to the senior and junior class with final nominations. Here, there were about ten students to select from for nomination to both the king and queen categories. Out of those ten, students were to choose five people to nominate for prom court in order to finalize the court winners. One of the top 5 students, Alexis Ramos said he initially wanted to be on the prom court “ for the memories and experience of my senior year.” Steve Vasquez added that “ It’s exciting and it’s just for the experience. I don’t want to force my vote on anyone because I’d be missing the point of it.” Those who have made it to the top 5 for king and queen are Alexis Ramos, Alexis Tapia, Levi Galvan, Steve Vazquez, Frank Salvador, Dayanara Hernandez, Jessica Michel, Martha Ramirez, Zujey Ramirez, and Emiliana Morales. 

Each of these candidates has individually made their best efforts to appeal to seniors and juniors who are voting. Prom is approaching soon so many of the nominees are filled with excitement for the final decisions. The final decision will be announced during prom on April 9th.