Angel Sanchez Makes Casual more Stylish


Juan Chiguindo, Sports Editor

This month for the fashion section of the Eagle’s Nest, I Interviewed senior Angel Sanchez, and his unique but casual style which stands out but is very unique. 

Angel gave us a little bit of background about where he goes shopping for some of his top brands,  “I usually buy from Zara and H & M. I like to keep it simple.” He also likes to mix and match with brands he likes. 

The inspiration behind his looks is all his own style. He said, “I don’t have a certain person I look up to for inspiration to dress, but if I had to say probably Kanye West would be the main guy. His dressing style fits in the casual style, usually something comfortable that looks nice and clean, not strictly formal or informal, just something that appears appropriate and good looking.”

Angel’s favorite pair of sneakers are Air Force 1’s. The reason behind this is because “they are classic shoes that you can never go wrong with.” Air forces are nowadays one of this generation’s top shoe picks when it comes to dressing casual simply because many people believe it’s a shoe that can go with many outfits due to its color and design, as well as the look it provides with outfits. 

Angel tells us more about his favorite accessories he feels are important to his outfits, “My preferred accessory when it comes to my outfits would probably be my chain. You can also never go wrong with adding a watch or a couple of rings.” 

For the last question I asked Angel what would he do if he woke up and found out that he had won the lottery. He said, “I would tell my close friends to go far away, and enjoy a luxurious life far away on an island, as well as donating money to charity.”