SEMHS Boys Varsity Volleyball vs. Calvary Chapel

Janira Hernandez, Photography Editor

This spring, it was announced that a Boys Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyball team was to be formed this semester. The Organizers and coaches of the teams are Mr. Mario Lopez (Varsity) and Pedro Lopez (Junior Varsity). On Wednesday, March 1st, South El Monte High School’s Boys Varsity Volleyball played their second home game against Calvary Chapel High School (Downey). The team played a good game that consisted of four sets, three of which they won, thus leading them to victory. This game marked their first official victory of the season and well within the second home game of this school year. 

When it comes to the highlights of the game, Coach Lopez stated, “Some of the highlights… some hard hits from my guys…from Angel, Jaime, Alberto.” He added, “Everyone was working as a team, everyone played, and everyone did really good.” It is certain that the team made their best effort during this game which ended with a score of 29-27. In the future, Mr. Mario Lopez would like for the team to “learn from the mistakes, even though we won, we made mistakes.” The team has certainly made progress and shown that they are making their best effort to go towards possible sports titles. 

The beginning of the game led to much anticipation from the crowd with the close final score of 25-23 which the SEMHS team won. This set was competitive with the ball constantly being rallied which means it kept being passed between the teams. Tough luck came around during the second set which the team lost 25-19. However, redemption came around with the final two sets leading them to win three of four sets. 

Overall, the SEMHS Varsity Volleyball team has proven that they are giving it their all. They display that they are ready to continue succeeding and potentially go on a winning streak. Observed throughout the game are both the well-mannered actions and hopeful demeanor the team had towards the success of the game.