Preview of Prom Fashion Show 2022


Rosario Mariano, South Side Editor

The school year is coming to an end, and as many of you know Prom 2022 is the talk of the school. 

On February 4th the night rally was held in the gym, and at the end of this event, the theme of our prom dance was announced to be “Mascarade.”

The South El Monte High School Juniors will be hosting a prom fashion show. The Prom Fashion Show will be held in the temporary quad at lunch during the week of March 14th. They will also be accompanied by MCs. The MCs will be seniors of the ASB choice. 

Freshman ASB member Andrea Pablo said, “As of now it seems like a fun event. Seeing people getting all dressed up to demonstrate something that’s going to happen in the future. The ASB associated part of me just wants the event to go well.”

The only students that are allowed to participate in this event are seniors. Ten seniors will be selected to be part of the fashion show. These students are also students who plan to be in 

prom court.

Our ASB President Camila Ortega gives us more information on how to participate. Camila said, “Students can sign up once prom nominations are released in your emails.” 

So SENIORS be ready and mark your calendars for this upcoming prom fashion show. You won’t want to miss it.