Night Rally 2022


Zulema Martinez, Fashion Editor, Photography

The Night Rally returned to South El Monte High School on February 4th. The focus for this year was music genres. In order to construct a dance piece, each class was assigned a different music genre to work with. Freshmen gravitated towards hip hop, sophomores to indie, juniors to r&b, and seniors to pop. Along with the performances, each class competed and played games with each other. 

One of the rally’s most memorable moments was when several South teachers and staff performed a coordinated dance routine to popular music. Jayleen De La Cruz, former ASB President spoke of the dance, “For the teachers I was really excited for them because I was like O.M.G they actually want to do this.” The classes cheered and recorded as their teachers and counselors danced with their favorite songs playing.  “At first I wasn’t embarrassed- I’ve never really performed like that, but it was fun. I enjoyed it. It was for them too, not for me,” stated math teacher Mr. Mario Lopez. 

Other than the performances, each class participated in competitions. Some of the competitions included musical chairs, “balloon stomp”, and other fun games. Mr. Mario Lopez said, “I enjoyed the competition that Castillo and I won. We beat everyone. I enjoyed all the competitions. Especially where they tied the balloons to the feet. That one got intense.” There was excitement in the room as members of each class competed for points to win at the end of the event. Jayleen De La Cruz said, “Personally, I really enjoyed the competitiveness between the classes; trying to be the one that stands out the most. Even though there weren’t that many people there, especially the Seniors tried to make the most of their last Night Rally.” Overall at the end of the night, the Seniors won almost every game. 

There were regulations that had to be followed in order to attend the event. In order to attend the Night Rally, South students needed to be vaccinated. Mr. Mario Lopez, when asked how he felt about only vaccinated students being allowed to attend the rally, stated, “ I felt like they were missing out, but we’re following the district mandate. So it’s bittersweet.” Overall, ASB made the most of the night in terms of the regulations. It goes without saying that it was a memorable experience for both students and staff.