SEMHS Sadies Canceled

Janira Hernandez, Photography editor

The Sadies dance has been anticipated by many students throughout the school since ticket sales began back in December. The dance got the green light when students suggested the idea during the House of Representatives meetings. Ultimately, they came to a consensus that they would like a Sadies dance to take place this year. With its Alice In Wonderland theme, a well-planned dance was anticipated. The dance served as an opportunity for students to feel both comfortable and enthusiastic due to the dress code which is casual. The cancellation of Sadies has brought up various questions such as will there be refunds or why was it canceled? 

For years, Sadies has been talked about since the last dance back in 2018. The dance was supposed to take place this year at South El Monte High School on February 18th at 7 pm. This dance would eventually be the last Sadies held in a number of years. When asked about the effects of canceling the dance, ASB member and SEMHS student Alexis Ramos said, “It didn’t affect us that much because we weren’t sure if we were going to order everything and we weren’t sure how to pay the people ahead of time.” In reference to a possible Sadies dance at SEMHS in the future, student Alexandra Pablo states, “ The way Castillo phrased it, if there was a fluke, there wasn’t going to be another one.” It was also confirmed that students who bought tickets ahead of time were going to get refunds. Surely, the Sadies dance cancellation, though long-awaited, let down attendees. 

Ultimately, the possibility of a Sadies dance taking place in the future is still unknown. It is a relief to know that there was minimal impact upon the calling off of the dance. There is still hope however since the house of representatives is a new process, that future or current underclassmen may suggest the planning of another dance whether it is a Sadies event or not.