Fashion Friendly, Jaylynn Gonzales


Jesenia Garcia, Editor In Chief

Sophomore, Jaylynn Gonzales, could be found striving down the hallways with fiery red hair paired with her unique style. She expresses herself through her choice of clothing,  which reveals who she is as a person. Now that school is in-person instruction, students now have to get back into the habit of choosing an outfit to wear to school everyday. 


When it comes to her style, it’s quite simple yet expressive. She discovers a lot of inspiration while scrolling through Pinterest, an app designated to explore inspiration. Although she doesn’t really turn to celebrities or influencers, Jaylynn looks towards Lily-Rose Depp for outfit inspiration; who is often seen wearing jeans or a skirt paired with a crop top. “They’re casual most of the time, I like that they’re easy to recreate as well.” 


She can often be seen in neutral colors such as gray, white, brown, and black. Occasionally she pairs her neutral shades with colors like red, baby pink, green, and blue.  She potentially fits into the “clean girl” look, which includes factors such as dewy fresh face makeup, monochrome clothing, and minimalist jewelry.  Jaylynn mentioned that she enjoys accessorizing and she is typically seen wearing dainty jewelry, “I like wearing earrings, rings, and necklaces.” 


Jaylynn plans her outfits almost effortlessly the night before so it doesn’t take time out of her morning. She included that the task doesn’t take long at all, “usually it takes me five to fifteen minutes to put something together.” A majority of the clothes in her closet are from stores at the mall like PacSun, Brandy Melville, and Boarders. Two of her closet favorites include mom jeans purchased from PacSun and a variety of crewnecks she owns. Her style stands out since it’s consistently switching up. “I don’t like sticking to one clothing style or aesthetic because I love trying different ones to see if I like them or not.”