Recurring ECA Classes


Luke Garcia, Features

Early College Academy or ECA for short, is a program that gives high school students an opportunity to take college-level courses while in high school. They are able to earn a high school diploma and also complete 2 years worth of college in the time it takes to go to high school. If a student is able to finish two years of college before even going to college, it will save them both time and money.  Students who have enrolled in the recurring ECA are now returning back to the classes that started on February 2.  These ECA classes are run by Rio Hondo professors who come from Rio Hondo to teach our students about how college life works. 


In the last semester, the Rio Hondo Professors were more focused on teaching students about life in college and how to manage classes students are likely to take in college.  Now that ECA classes have now started again, students are now beginning a new subject other than college life for students.  What students are being taught now is learning about leaders and how to become one themself.  They are being taught about what a leader is and what the importance of a leader is as well.  These ECA teachers are always trying to get their students engaged with the work they are working on. 


One of the ECA professors, Mrs. Rose, says how she feels about teaching high school students. “Students who take counseling 103, 101, 151 from Rio Hondo, they get a head start in the college courses, they kind of get to step out of their comfort zone and learn about ways to apply themselves in real life concepts and apply them in the real world.  I think it’s really beneficial for students to take these kind of courses to get ahead in college credit, but not only that but hone their leadership skills.”  


Students who are in ECA also say how they feel about the class starting with Jonathan Vela, a freshman taking part in the ECA classes.  He says “What I feel about the class is that it is a little more advanced than the other classes depending on how you are, and you have to work for it because it’s not as easy because one day that you miss could really affect you”. Another student, Guadalupe Lopez says, “I like this class a lot, it gives me a better understanding of a college class.” Lastly, Denise Villamil says, “I like the ECA classes because it makes me feel more comfortable and they help me see what a college class will look like”.