Construction and the effects on Students


Janira Hernandez

Construction site as of 2/23/22

Michael Valencia, News Editor

It is hard to miss the changes that are happening at South El Monte High School this year, many of these changes however are affecting students. The construction that is taking place at South El Monte has closed off a lot of rooms that students can lounge in during their passing periods or lunch. 

Elijah Estrada, a 9th grader attending South El Monte High School said, “With Covid-19 still being an ongoing problem, it doesn’t feel good to have students packed into the hallways all bunched together.” It does feel very packed in the hallways at times and with everyone being that close to each other some can feel uncomfortable. 

At moments the hallways can be empty but as soon as the passing periods begin they can get very packed. Some people are not courteous of others and can tend to walk slowly while others are trying to get to their classes. People can bump, and shove into each other by accident and this can cause arguments between students.

The construction is rumored to be finished in June although it may take longer than that. This means that Seniors and all other students will miss out on any events that may have taken place in the quad area. The quad was a very popular place where clubs would have their events like food fairs and even have bands come in and perform. These events were a great way of having students have fun and be more encouraged to come to school. Without this place and events for students to hang out, some may feel discouraged or not see any reason for them to come to school.

This construction is for the benefit of the school but a lot of students are being affected by it at the moment. Hopefully this construction is finished so that students of South El Monte High School can go back to hanging out like it was before.