Preparation to CIF


Rosario Mariano, South Side

On Tuesday, February 1, 2022, the girls Varsity team had their last final season league game. Throughout the season they have maintained a strong position on the leaderboard staying consistently in 3rd place. As the league ended, unfortunately, Arroyo High School earned 2 more points leaving the lady Eagles in 4th place.


The way CIF qualification works in the Mission Valley League the top 4 teams move on to compete in CIF. Therefore the girls Varsity soccer team qualified to CIF. They will be playing a wild card matchup against Savanna High School at 3 p.m. 


This leaves the lady Eagles a week to prepare and train hard for this upcoming game. With a great mindset, the ladies work hard every day at practice to prepare for this upcoming game.


Here are what some of the girls are doing in order to prepare for their CIF wildcard game:


Junior Mallory Spillard says, “Individually, I make sure that I get the nutrition I need throughout the day in order to perform to the best of my ability during competition.” 


Junior Daisy Garcia says, “The steps I am taking to prepare for CIF is putting my part and showing up to training, and gaining as much game knowledge as possible to play well, also to motivate myself mentally because I strongly believe having a great mentality will further the chances in our favor.”


Senior Regina Lucas said, “Well some steps I am taking to prepare for CIF is to try to consume any sort of junk food. Also, at practice, I attempt to do my best, as I think practice reflects how one would play on the field.”


As evidence by their statements, the lady Eagles are working really hard and dedicating their time to prepare for the upcoming game to give out a great game win or lose.