Valentines Day 2022


Destiny Matson, Social Media Editor


Valentine’s Day is recognized everywhere on February 14th. Gifts, candy, and flowers are exchanged with loved ones to express our gratitude for their presence in our lives. It originates from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia, which took place in mid-February. Modern day, we celebrate by taking our loved ones out and exchanging gifts. Here at South El Monte High, we recognized it on Friday and acted accordingly. 


On Friday February 11, GSA Pride Club brought Valentine’s Day Marriages to South El Monte High.


For only $4, students had the opportunity to walk down a themed catwalk and get married by Cupid. Those getting married would receive two ring pops, a certificate, and are free to use all the fun props provided by the GSA Pride Club. 


Club President, Celeste Bucio, played her part as Cupid this Valentines day, “The pride club is about having a safe space for friends and students to come and talk about anything.”


This Friday, we are presented with crowns, top hats, and veils. A Valentine themed playlist plays off the speakers as the pairs relish in their spotlight. 


The stage right next to the cafeteria was decorated with shades of white, red, and pink. Heart-shaped balloons surrounded the red carpet that our couples would walk down. Cupid matched the theme perfectly, dressed in red latex pants, a custom white tee, and Doc Marten shoes. Students held bouquets of red roses and draped themselves with a white wedding veil. 


This year has been full of creative events and has been thriving since students returned from distance learning. Students are looking forward to what next Valentine’s Day has to offer.