Tik Tok’s Influence on Style


Daisy Ramirez

Freshmen Alyssa Villa shows us her trendy outfit.

Daisy Ramirez, South Side Editor

        There are many different styles seen all over the internet. Many are inspired by different social media apps. One of the most used social media apps used by teenagers today is TikTok. TikTok has a great influence on many teens and can give teens fashion influence. There are many styles that can be found based on the videos you interact with.

        Many different styles are seen around South El Monte High School.  All these different styles can also be found on TikTok. Many people here have similar styles that started trending through TikTok. Current student at South El Monte High school, Alexis Ramos said,“I use TikTok for my style. My style is a mix of everything, but I mainly use street and grunge.” Another student said, “I got inspired by TikTok to start dressing the way I do now. I followed someone with the style I liked, and started buying clothes like theirs.”

        You can see how an app starts trends and inspires others in many ways. People are seen posting videos of their outfits which is a good way of sharing with others. There are also people with accounts that give fashion advice. Typically, the audience will comment seeking advice regarding the content creator’s style. The TikToker then replies via video response highlighting answers to their questions. 

        There is a TikTok page called Fashion where there are daily videos posted. The videos posted consist of where to find clothes or accessories that you might need. They also post outfit ideas for certain occasions, for example, Valentine’s Day. You can also find many videos with hacks on how you can style clothes in many different ways. The list goes on, with hundreds of videos posted on the account.