Student Closet Staples

Janira Hernandez, Photography editor

The way a person decides to dress can tell a lot about a person. Fashion can show off the personality, moods, and self-image of a person. Many people, though, have certain clothing items they consider essential in common. Some of these items include: shirts, shoes, accessories, and more. Several students had a say in what their closet staples are and even offered a few tips.

Closet staples are accessories or articles of clothing that can be known to elevate any outfit. They can make an outfit look more put together or even look more chaotic in an expressive mode. For instance, a pair of droopy long earrings can turn a simple outfit into an elegant outfit or it can make a person look clean in the way that the earrings add a bit of colorful simplicity. A basic colored or neutral tank top can also make for a perfect summer outfit if paired with mom jeans or a silk skirt. It may also be fit for the winter season in context to layering. Items such as these and more are some examples of what a closet staple can be. It is important to remember that closet staples may be personal to your taste in fashion but can also be utilized differently by any person.  

Some students had input on what their personal closet staples are. SEMHS and Fashion Club president Celeste Bucio said that some essential items in her closet are “blue and black jeans, and a white or black tank top.” Senior Brandon Lo adds an “Oversized sweater.” which is essential in his closet. Additionally, Senior and SEMHS student Destiny Matson said a “ leather jacket, belt, heels.” Arroyo High School student Allison Sanchez and Alumni Thamelie Than added “ Chains.” Former student and alumni Arleth Godina stated “Gold hoops,” are one of her closet staples. It is clear that to each person, these items are essential yet timeless in their eyes when it comes to personal style. Each item mentioned can also in fact be created into an outfit of its own. It is just the manner in which you as a person choose to create your outfit which caters to your standards. All in all, closet staples can be defined as an item that never goes out of style. 

Closet staples can be seen as unspoken advice on how to style outfits. Destiny Matson says, “They bring personality to the outfit, allowing you to either blend in or stand out.” This certifies that these pieces can be used as a certain form of expression just as other articles of clothing. The only difference is that these pieces are more personal and seem to tell a story or give a statement of sorts. When it comes to advice on dressing with personal staple pieces, student Ingrid Aguilar advises, “Wear what feels like you! Be confident!!” This serves as words of encouragement to those who are interested in getting into fashion. 

As a whole, pieces one considers classic in their closet serve as a form of self-expression. Although these items may be used by many, they can be equipped in several different ways. How you style it is up to you. After all, fashion is an art form that allows for creativity, and the exhibition of self-reflection.