Meet Assistant Principal Mr. Duong


Gustavo Ruiz

Mr. Duong, South El Monte’s Newest Assistant Principal

Gustavo Ruiz, Editorials Editor

Meet Mr. Duong, the new assistant principal at South El Monte High School. Before he was the assistant principal, he was a math teacher at  from 2002-2015 . In 2015 until 2021 he was a teacher on special assignment coaching other teachers on pedagogy and instructional strategies. This year he was promoted to Assistant Principal of Guidance at South El Monte High School.


When asked how he likes working at South, Mr.Duong stated, “I love working at the school.” Mr.Duong was also asked what he likes most about SEMHS. He responded, “The thing I like most about South El Monte High School is the students and staff.


Mr.Duong was asked the question “What are your thoughts on Covid?” Mr.Duong expressed, “it’s scary, it’s a pandemic, and it’s something unknown and we don’t know what’s going to happen next.”  Mr.Duong was also asked if the school will go back into quarantine, he said “No because we have safety precautions like masks, vaccines, and Covid tests, things we didn’t have a few years ago.”


When asked what good things will he do to help SEMHS become better, Mr.Duong stated “I want to promote an environment where students would like to come to school, and promote an environment where students are safe, and to promote an environment where teachers and students can learn together.”


 Mr.Duong wants students to know that he is here for students and whatever they need. He was asked who or what inspired him to become an assistant principal, he stated “All of the various administrators.” Some advice that Mr.Duong would give to graduating seniors is “cherish your high school life, because this is the life you are going to remember.” Also some advice Mr.Duong would give to all students is “work hard, ask questions, and ask for help.”