EMUHSD Distributes Free At-Home Covid Tests


Alyssa Villa, South Side Editor

On January 4th, 2022 students were given the option to take free at-home covid tests. These at-home tests were rapid tests and each box came with two test kits. Students who received test kits were asked to take the tests once they got home to make sure they were negative. The reason students received these tests was because of the increase in Covid cases due to the recent holidays. The staff at our school will continue to do their best to keep everyone as safe as possible for all students.

Many students took the option of taking the at-home tests and thought they were very useful. “I think the at-home test kits are a great alternative to having to wait in long lines, they are quick and easy to use,” exclaimed freshman Alex Medina. Due to the increase in cases, lots of testing places have been filled with people, so the at-home tests allowed students to not have to wait in long lines for hours. 

Social distancing has been a major part of staying safe from Covid, but it’s hard to social distance when there are a lot of people in one place. Testing sites have been jammed with people so this causes many people to come in close contact with each other and maybe someone with Covid. These testing kits help prevent this problem. “It’s better to have tests on hand instead of making contact with other people to get tested,” said Natalia Vargas, a student here at South El Monte High School.

The school continues to keep everybody safe during the surge by keeping everything as clean as possible and providing students, teachers, and staff with available testing sites. “It was a very smart decision to give out the testing kits, and I am appreciative of the resources our school offers their students to keep us safe from the growing virus,” expressed freshman Alexa Villa.