Eagles Sweep Lions

Rosario Mariano, South Side

The girl’s basketball is coming back strong after not being able to play due to COVID. They’ve been practicing every week nonstop, during their vacation times and days off. The Lady Eagles are extremely dedicated this year. When games are canceled or postponed, they take that as an opportunity to practice even more. 


The team had a tournament during thanksgiving break. Both teams practice with their face mask to follow school safety. Practices are 2 hours every day the ladies dedicate their time and effort to this team. Ashley Alarcon #35 (JV) states, “ I think practices are great they help us stay on track, and even though it seems like a lot most of it is just working as a team.” In addition, Olivia Jurado #23 (JV) also says, “Personally I feel like 2-hour practice do the team good. The more we practice the better we get.”


On January 5, 2022, the JV and Varsity team had a game against El Monte High School. This game was held here at South El Monte High School. The JV team played at 3:15 p.m and varsity played right after JV finished. 


Both teams gave outstanding performances. JV won with a score of 39-6. Some of the scores were Angelina Almazan#42, Olivia Jurado#23, Brianna Mendoza#2, April Ramos#12, and Ashley Alarcon#35. For our Varsity team, the score was 69-17. The Varsity ladies took a Win. Brianna Mendoza #2 (JV) states, “ I was actually very nervous to play against El Monte because I thought they were going to be a great time, our rivals, but once we started the first quarter I knew we were going to win.”


JV captains Olivia Jurado, Samantha Espinoza, and Angelina Almazan lead the team to Victory. Angelina Almazan #42 (JV) gave an outstanding performance. Angelina scored 6 points in total. She says, “Some things I learned were to keep my head up and to also keep playing hard until the game was over. I was mainly excited and concentrated.”


The Varsity team is led by captains Montserrat Sanchez and Marilyn Martinez. Captain Montserrat Sanchez says, “During the game I really wanted to get the win because the other captain of the team named Marylin Martinez always gets excited to play against El Monte because she transferred from El Monte to South. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to attend the game. The most the team was able to do for us to get the win. She is our point guard.”


Overall both teams came out victorious. All their dedication to practices and games paid off. Both teams performances throughout the game have been very outstanding throughout the period time of the game.