Predicted Spring 2022 Fashion Trends


Janira Hernandez, Photography editor

Fashion is a topic that is constantly evolving. Just as the seasons change, so do the fashion trends. Style has been used as a mode of expression. It allows freedom, creativity, and displays one’s personality. The upcoming spring fashion trends are quickly rising. Given the ever-so-changing fashion trends, spring 2022 fashion will be an era that contains diversity.  

  With spring approaching soon, we can see new trends rising for the season. There are many fashion trends currently developing and spring is approaching soon. With the weather slowly getting warmer, fashion is getting bolder. An article from mentions that mini skirts will be one of the emerging trends of spring. Platforms whether it be shoes or heels are staying in terms of spring fashion according to a Who What Wear article. The platforms may be styled with a miniskirt to add some flair. For men, Nike shoes, specifically Dunks will continue to be a trend this upcoming spring. Trends such as twee (which is the type of style actress Zoe Deschanel wears. See example here), y2k (the 2000s), and 90’s model off duty looks are some of the categories that will influence this year’s spring fashion. 

Currently, there are a few influencers/celebrities some people might draw inspiration from this spring. Some of these people include Devon Lee Carlson, Tyler the Creator, Lily-Rose Depp, and Frank Ocean. Each celebrity’s style is a derivative of the trends that are expected to emerge this coming season. It is certain that each of these stars adds their own twist when dressing up. This certainly aids in displaying their personality and allows fans and prospectors to take in a sense of styling tips from them. 

It is evident that this year’s fashion will be more about what one likes to wear and less about following trends strictly. Although there will be styling constants, a new era of fashion is emerging. People will now be more free, creative, and bold with their looks.