Onto the Next Battle


Lady Eagles fight until the final whistle.

Rosario Mariano, South Side

On Wednesday, January 5, 2022, The JV girls soccer had their 4th league game at 3:15. This game was a home game versus El Monte High School.


The ladies put on a great fight throughout the whole game but the luck wasn’t on their side this time. The Lady Eagles ended up getting defeated. The Lions took the win with a score of  7-0. 


Although the outcome of the game wasn’t a great one, the ladies didn’t give up. They didn’t put their heads down, indeed they fought for every ball that came their way. 


“We played well using our skills we have been learning from practice getting better at passes, shooting, also improving as an overall team,” Captain Joselyn Zarate says. In addition, “Overall I think my team did great regardless if it was a loss. We took it as a learning experience that the number of goals doesn’t mean anything, but yet something to learn and to get better from the mistakes we did.”


“The game versus El Monte wasn’t one of our best games, our team wasn’t the strongest during that game we had several flaws. This game has helped us realize the specific things we need to work on,” said sophomore center mid, Lizet Juarez.


Freshman center mid, Jocelyn Torija said, “I think it was a great, interesting game. My team played well, but I think we could have communicated more.”


Overall what this team taught us is that no matter what the score is or how many losses, there’s always room for improvement.