Fall Fashion


Zulema Martinez, Fashion Editor, Photography

With the return of in-person schooling with the exception of masks, students have had the opportunity to show their personalities through their fashion sense.  Jose Valderrama, a Senior at SEMHS, said, “My goal is to base my fashion on myself and create my style.”  With the rise of applications such as TikTok during quarantine, teens and young adults alike have been able to express themselves through fashion and makeup.  Celeste Bucio, Fashion Club president, stated, “I believe that social media positively affects my fashion sense because I get to take inspiration from influencers and models that I admire.”

Post-Lockdown has inspired young teens and adults alike to try out different outfits this year and perhaps branch out into new styles. Some of the main inspirations for these new styles come from past eras, such as Y2K fashion, 90’s Grunge, and even the 70’s era fashion which is making a major comeback this year. A Hollywood Reporter article From Old Money to Y2K Style, the Best Fall Fashion Trends to Try Now  by Danielle Directo-Meston mentions, “Whether it’s TikTok’s current obsession with the Old Money aesthetic, and Y2K style to the Wild West looks that are still going strong, the most popular fall 2021 fashion trends prove that bygone eras continue to offer fresh wardrobe inspiration.”  Zoë Kravitz and Rihanna have been seen wearing big baggy jeans, channeling their inner 90’s. Dua Lipa has been seen wearing 90’s inspired accessories and outfits on social media, further highlighting social media’s influence beyond teens. 

Influencers on Tiktok and Instagram have made their outfits more unique by using accessories, unique shoes, makeup, and other enhancements.  Celebrities such as Ariana Grande, for example, are known for their looks and outfits or Zendaya who’s known for her playful, yet sophisticated dresses.  Singer, Olivia Rodrigo is most notably known for having a fresh feel to her style; wearing pink Chanel blazers and the infamous Versace heel platforms- that both celebrities and influencers alike all over have been trying to get their hands on. Shoes and handbags are items that have changed the fashion industry.  They have become an essential piece when it comes to creating an outfit. Whether it’s a pair of loafers, knee-high boots, or as stated before, the now trending platform heels, a handbag, or a tiny purse, the size, and colors of your accessories and shoes can piece together your outfit. 

Most fall outfits consist of warm-toned colors, such as army green, orange, cream, red, pink, lavender, and lemon yellow,  Valderrama stated, “The main colors I believe that best represent fall the best would be browns and tans with white and cream colors.”  Wisdom Kaye, an influencer on Tiktok, is most notably known for his unique outfits.  He typically uses layering and accessories; when it comes to colors, he’s been seen using warmer colors such as variations of red, green, tan, and lavender. Celebrities and Influencers are great examples of the most influential people in the fashion industry. Social Media applications such as Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram are great examples of technology to use when trying to branch out and show off your unique fashion style. It’s best to use it to your advantage.