SEMHS Food Fair


Daisy Ramirez

Mecha club selling chips during food fair.

Daisy Ramirez, South side

          On October 29th, a food fair was held at South El Monte High School. This event takes place every year around the Halloween season on the school campus during lunchtime. The purpose of the food fair is to help the school clubs raise funds for trips, uniforms, and other things needed. Students involved in the clubs were in charge of setting up and selling the food. 

          As soon as the lunch bell rang, the area was full of students. Some booths were sold out within minutes. Many other booths had a long line of people waiting. Not only were students out there supporting the clubs, but staff members too. The crowd was so full, it was not too easy to get through. 

          With a total of sixteen clubs selling, there was a variety of foods being sold. From ice cream to esquites, to boba, they had it all! There were inclusions of all kinds. When interviewed, Amy Mendoza said, “I wish it was cheaper and I wish there were different price ranges for the food.” Another student, Alexis Ramos said, “I liked the different foods they were selling.” There were different opinions given by the students. Overall it seems like the food fair was a success for the clubs and was enjoyable for the students. 

         As you can see, this food fair is a big event for the clubs at South El Monte High School. The students are also allowed to have something different than the school lunch given. If students’ opinions are taken into consideration, the food fairs in the future might be different.