New Assistant Principal Dr. Sandoval


Assistant Principal Dr. Sandoval

Alyssa Villa, Editor

A new assistant principal was hired here at South El Monte High School. Her name is Dr. Sandoval and she is doing her best for this school. She is in charge of student activities and affairs, such as ASB and athletics. The Eagle’s Nest asked her questions about her new role to better understand what she does for the school to help keep everyone safe and also have fun.

Since Covid-19, school has been different for every student and staff member alike. In the fall schools reopened, but the staff is taking extra precautions to keep students safe. Dr.Sandoval is one of those staff members. She helps plan fun events, but also keeps them safe for all students. “We’ve been doing a great job here just making sure we’re following all of the guidelines, and ensuring that our sports teams can still play, and students can still safely do activities,” Dr. Sandoval stated when asked about helping students overcome Covid-19. 

Covid has affected most students’ lives and coming back to school has been difficult for some, but Dr. Sandoval is trying her very best to give students a normal high school experience while also keeping us safe. Dr. Sandoval expressed positive views about South El Monte being an amazing place to work and learn. She believes there are many things to like about this school and truly enjoys being here. “I love the school spirit, the admin team, the teachers, staff, and the students,” Dr. Sandoval said when asked what she likes about the school. Dr. Sandoval finds any way possible to do fun events even with the many obstacles she has to face due to Covid. “I like to solve problems,” Dr. Sandoval said,  “I don’t like to think… we can’t do this because of Covid, I think let’s be creative and find a way to do it.” 

Dr. Sandoval is doing a great job here at South El Monte High School and seems to be enjoying her new role. She is very happy to be here and is proud to be an Eagle.