Cross Country Journey to CIF


Cross country varsity league final

Thomas Nguyen, Sports Editor

On November 12, 2021 the Cross Country boys and girls went to CIF together for the first time in 10 years. At the league race at Arroyo High School on November 4th, the boys varsity placed 2nd and girls varsity placed 3rd in their respective race which allowed them to go together to CIF. Everyone at the league was ecstatic about their performance they did that day along with seeing their varsity team being able to move onto CIF. The team has been training since summer, and it shows from their performance on November 4th. After the league race, the varsity team went straight back to training a day later since they had only a week and a half before CIF.


The team training started in the summer, during training the cross country team ran frequently. The team ran through almost everything hills, dirt, grass, concrete, and a lot more hills. “I had a lot of fun during cross, because I was captain and able to guide my peers,” said Richard Pablo ‘22, Cross Country Captain CIF runner. At the first few races, the times were a bit slower than usual since the runners hadn’t run due to COVID. “It was hard at first getting back and running again, it was a difficult transition, but I got back into it and ran,” Richard said.


After the final league race the varsity team went back to practicing.  “It felt kind of exhausting because I had another week of practice, but that gave me something else ro work towards,” said Jesus Soto ‘24. In the short time of one and a half weeks the team practices rigorously to prepare for CIF. “I felt very nervous for CIF, but then remembered that I just have to try my hardest and if I fail then all I need is more practice for next time,” Soto said. At the end of the practice, the team went on to go to CIF.


“It felt very exciting and motivating to know that I was in CIF just because I know how much hard work the team and I put in throughout the entire season, so to make it to CIF was very rewarding and awesome,” Andrew Medina ‘24, CIF runner alternative, said. “It was honestly awesome to see our teams run during the race because you could see how much effort and heart they were putting into it.” In the end the team wasn’t able to reach CIF finals but placed a very nice spot of 11 out of 18 schools. “It was very easy to tell that everyone was trying their best and doing whatever it took to try and help South El Monte move on to the next round of CIF,” Andrew said. For the runners the cross country was an enjoyable experience with some rough edges but in the end what glued the team together was the fun everyone had with each other.