Senior Spotlight Erick Cazares


Eric Cazarez, Senior

Michael Valencia, News Editor

Senior Erick Cazares, a football player for South El Monte was affected by Covid and was not given the chance to attend in-person schooling his junior and half his sophomore year. “Covid-19 affected my high school year by not being able to finish my sophomore year in person, and I wasn’t able to have a junior year in person,” stated Erick. Erick, being a student athlete, had to balance school and sports; he says that it helped him stay motivated to keep his grades up, “Yes, football helped me motivate myself to keep my grades up because it was always my dream to play football in college.”  

Erick just like any other student athlete faced challenges throughout his high school career. The Covid pandemic helped him be more grateful for things he has, “Covid did affect me in a personal way by helping me realize that we should be grateful for what we have.” 

He along with other students feel that the vaccine mandate should not be a mandatory requirement to attend sports and school, “I feel the vaccination shouldn’t be mandated because there are people who don’t believe in it and shouldn’t be forced to get it.” Erick stated. 

Erick had his last high school football season and did not disappoint with an estimated 650 rushing yards and 9 offensive touchdowns. Erick had a great season to close his high school career and feels he did a good job for his last year of high school football. “I feel I had a good year for my last football season,” Erick said. 

He says that he will miss high school and football, “The thing I am going to miss most about high school is getting to see my friends and playing sports.” Erick says that any advice he has for underclassmen is to “…have fun in school and do everything possible to make it fun because they won’t be getting it back.”  

Erick is one among many seniors at South El Monte high school who will leave an impact on their sports and academic programs. He is a scholar athlete and is going to be missed by many underclassmen. “Yeah I’m going to miss my friend Erick, he was a great friend, and an even better person. Even though I am a sophomore and he’s a senior, he didn’t really care about that. If you were cool with him he’d be cool with you. He is just overall a good person,” said Alex Ramos, a sophomore at South El Monte high school. 

Erick Cazarez is looking forward to attending college and will be remembered by many at this high school for being a great friend and student.