Thanksgiving food drive

Thanksgiving food drive

Gustavo Ruiz, eidorials

Recently students from ASB at South El Monte High School started collecting canned foods for less fortunate families. You donate cans of food so that less fortunate families can have a good Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving food drive began on November 1st and will end on November 19th.


 A Thanksgiving food drive is a form of charity that is conducted by a group of individuals or a corporation to stockpile and distribute foodstuffs to people who cannot afford to eat. Basically, the Thanksgiving food drive is about helping out others who are in need. Many students have participated by donating canned food to the drive.  


Each class room has a box where students and teachers put their donated cans in the box. The canned food must be sealed. You can donate one canned food per week. ASB is running the Thanksgiving food drive until November 19th. ASB members are the ones who collect the canned foods for the Thanksgiving food drive. Every Friday ASB members collected the donated canned food.


The donated canned goods will be given to families throughout the city of El Monte. It helps out families who are in need of food this Thanksgiving. “The food drive gives back to our community, it’s a local community effort that gives back to its own,” senior Destiny Matson said.  The goal for the Thanksgiving food drive is to collect over 1000 canned foods. Sophomore Thomas Nguyen stated, “I’ve seen teachers and students bringing cans to the ASB room every day and I really appreciate the people who are donating to the cause.”