Why a Nationwide Vaccine Mandate is a Good Idea


Jeff Chiu

Gov. Gavin Newsom speaking in James Denman Middle School in San Francisco

David Shen, News Editor

“Federal employees face a vaccination deadline of Nov. 22; contractors have a Dec. 8 deadline.” What does this mean? This means all employees of the federal government will need to be vaccinated or they will not be able to continue working until they get fully vaccinated. This is a mandate that is incomplete. In order for all Americans to get back to work and put Covid-19 completely behind us there needs to be a mandate for all people. 


Now, why is it a good idea to have a nationwide vaccine mandate? First of all, it protects everyone. It protects everyone, from Covid, obviously, and the economy from tanking any more due to sick people staying home and such. It protects older people due to the symptoms being less frequent/ sneezing even though it is still spreadable.


Second, it eases the mind. Since, Covid has sent us to quarantine for the last 2 years, it would be very bad if we were sent to quarantine again because we were to be negligent of Covid again.


Finally, It doesn’t harm you. According to the CDC data vaccines are very safe and inexpensive. If you were to get Covid without the vaccine, it would make you sick for days, and at worse you can die. But if you were to get Covid after receiving the vaccine, the likelihood of hospitalization or death decreases significantly. According to the CDC, “Even when fully vaccinated people develop symptoms, they tend to be less severe symptoms than in unvaccinated people. This means they are much less likely to be hospitalized or die than people who are not vaccinated.”


Those are all my reasons that the state mandate is valid. I think it does more good than bad even if we sacrifice some of our freedom. It is a necessary action to take to benefit us all.