Senior Victory Night


Rosario Mariano

Seniors Racheal Leon(10), Marylin Martinez(22), Jayleen Garcia(5), Jeannette Ramirez(14)

Rosario Mariano, South Side Editor

On October 8, 2021, the girls volleyball team had their last senior home game also known as senior night. This commemorative game was held at the gym at 3:15 p.m. against Marshall High School. Every day for the whole week the girls worked very hard and were looking forward to their last home game. 


As the game proceeded the lady Eagles dominated the game and took the victory by a score of 3-0. In the first set, the girls went in strong and won the set with a score of 25-14. Senior Jeannette Ramirez (14) gave a wonderful performance in her last senior game giving set after set. This helped the ladies carry the 2nd set with a score of 25-19. As the game continued, and as the girls maintained stability and strength, they ended up winning the final set with a score of 25-14. The lady Eagles took the win.  


Senior middle blocker Jayleen Garcia gave an outgoing performance in her last home game giving her best like every other game. Jayleen shared her thoughts about her last home game, “My thoughts were that I had to give it my all, win or lose I knew I did my job. I felt no pressure but of my own. I could not let myself down nor my coach.”


Senior Jayleen Garcia (5) led the team as a captain with Marylin Martinez (22) as outside hitter. As team captain Jayleen Garcia stated, “Being able to lead the team this year gave me the great opportunity to be able to share my knowledge of this sport with my teammates. What motivated me to do better in every game was that I had to be the person who led my team to the Wins.”


As an opponent and passer, it is hard to maintain stability especially with a lot of pressure. Senior Racheal Leon (10) maintained stability during all the sets. Racheal Leon said, “I did feel pressure, not because of my ability to execute, rather my ability to please others on the court. I hate letting people down, and that’s what I feared doing all season, but I came to the conclusion that if I was feeling stressed because I was trying to please, then I should play for those who have supported me.” 


The girls worked hard until the final whistle was blown. After a long game, and a lot of sweat and pressure, the girls varsity volleyball team came out to be victorious in their senior night.