California Vaccine Mandates

Student getting vaccinated.

Mercury News

Student getting vaccinated.

Aleana Magana , Features Editor

California becomes the first state in the nation to announce COVID-19 vaccine requirements for schools. Vaccinations will be required for students 7th-12th and K-6th grade to do in person learning. “The COVID-19 vaccine will be required for in-person school attendance,” announced Governor Newsom. 

 California will grant exemptions for medical reasons, plus religious and personal beliefs. Children in kindergarten through 6th grade would have to wait to get the vaccination because the government has not yet approved any COVID-19 vaccinations for that age group. “The mandate won’t take effect for all children until the U.S. government has finished fully vetting the vaccine for two age groups 12 to 15 and 5 to 11,” stated Governor Newsom. Students in 7th to 12th grade will have until July to get their COVID shots. 

Parents in California are protesting student COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Protestors were holding up signs in front of the schools that said “Our kids are not lab rats,” and “Our children our choice.” Some parents would rather have their children be home-schooled than have them get vaccinated. 

The Los Angeles Unified School District has already made it mandatory for students and employees to have the vaccine in order to be on campus, but for the state of California the mandate won’t be until July of 2022. Some parents are glad that California is making the vaccine mandatory. Ariel Harmon-Holmes, a parent of two Los Angeles Unified students, said “The mandate made her proud to live in California.”

South El Monte High School senior, Marylin Martinez said, “I think that the people protesting this mandate are ignorant. Their children’s health should be their main priority no matter the circumstances.” She feels that the vaccination mandate is a very smart and effective way to keep California moving forward. “By making the vaccine mandatory, the COVID-19 cases will significantly decrease and our citizens/elderly will be much safer,” said Marylin. 

A parent of a student attending South El Monte High School Ana Juarez said, “I agree that all students should be vaccinated as it would help decrease the spread from Covid.” She feels like the Covid vaccine is the same as getting the flu shot; as they both serve the same purpose which is to prevent you from getting extremely sick.