Significance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Fight Like Eagles against breast cancer!

Thomas Nguyen, Sports Editor

Friday, October 8th 2021, South El Monte ASB club has set up posters, balloons, and decorations all around the school for breast cancer awareness. For the month of October it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, this is to educate people, and fund charity to help find a cure, plus help people who have breast cancer. ASB took their time and helped out after school to set up at 5:45 in the morning to set up for pink day. The students on that day were wearing pink to show their support and pink ribbons with names of people who support breast cancer awareness. For the day’s football game the players were wearing pink socks to show support. 



Why do students and teachers support breast cancer awareness? “The main reason why I support breast cancer is to honor those who have died of breast cancer and to try and raise awareness for women out there who don’t know they have breast cancer or they have a loved one who is suffering from breast cancer,” said junior Mallory Spillard, member of ASB. “I support breast cancer awareness because I think women who went through these types of situations are boss women and deserve everything and they’re baddies for life, and also on top of that they went through so much and to know the fact they went through so much is so inspiring,” said senior Alexis Ramos also in ASB. “I think it’s important that people with breasts are aware of the signs of breast cancer and are able to do monthly self-examinations and be aware of any changes so that they can get help if they need it. When I was a kid my mom’s favorite cousin died from breast cancer and I didn’t know her very well, but it was really upsetting for my mom, so I think that any money that can be put towards inventing treatments and helping people survive is good,” stated Miss Lelchuk English teacher at South El Monte High School.


Why is breast cancer so important and why should people be aware of it? Breast cancer is important because breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in American women. This is also another reason why people should be aware of it. If people are aware of breast cancer they can get family members, friends, and individuals to get screened for breast cancer. Getting screened early may lead to finding breast cancer at its most treatable time. Thanks to breast cancer awareness people have been getting early diagnoses for breast cancer, and there have been over 3.1 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S! 

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