Return of the Eagles Homecoming 2021


David Renteria

South El Monte on the gridiron about to face off Glendale.

David Renteria, Sports Editor

Our Eagles are in for a long night, with fans roaring, coaches yelling, and cheerleaders engaging. Unlike prior years, this homecoming was unique. After a year and a half of being under lockdown due to COVID-19, South El Monte held its first Homecoming game and dance on September 17th, 2021. On the gridiron, South El Monte took on Glendale High School. Our Eagles were confident that they would win the game.

“We weren’t able to practice the whole week,” says Frank Gallardo, the Head Varsity Coach. “We had previously played Bell Gardens, and one of the Bell Garden kids got COVID.” The football team wasn’t prepared for the game since one of the Bell Gardens football players got COVID, which is a disadvantage for the team.

To add to the Eagle’s disadvantages, Fernando Reyes, the starting tackle, was injured. The game didn’t look very good for the Eagles, but they found a way to overcome it and play well.

Our Eagles were able to get a 15-yard pass in the first quarter because of Erick Cazarez who passed the ball to Justin Dolores. However, we lost this quarter 12-7, but there was still time to make up for it and beat Glendale High School.

As the second quarter began, Erick and Ryan Gordiano completed a 12-yard pass. The Eagles were determined to score, and they did. A three-yard touchdown was scored. Everyone applauded and celebrated the touchdown, but the game wasn’t over yet. The Eagles were looking very ambitious just a few minutes into the game. Ryan Gordiano, broke a 13-yard run. The score at the end of the second quarter was 18-14.

As half time began, it was time to announce the homecoming king and queen. There was a carriage with a horse pulling it, awaiting the homecoming queen to be announced. The official winner of the 2021 Homecoming Queen was Michelle Martinez! Everyone congratulated her with loud clapping, and people shouted encouraging words. Liyah Rangel, the previous homecoming queen of 2019, attended homecoming. She put the crown on Michelle’s head, and the new Queen was official. A carriage awaited the homecoming queen. However, right before the queen could go onto the carriage, the horse went crazy and flipped over a bench! Everyone was shocked and started laughing. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Our Eagles started the third quarter with an 11-yard run. Given that they were losing, the boys were under a lot of pressure. Our Eagles were determined to score after catching a 33-yard pass. The score at the end of the quarter was 26-14.

The fourth and final quarter, is when the Eagles had their final opportunity to turn the tide. The Eagles undoubtedly felt stress, however they weren’t gonna quit and lose on one of the most traditional special events. Erick Cazarez, passes the ball to Ryan Gordiano, marking a 24-yard touchdown pass. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to win this game. The game ended with South El Monte losing 32-20.

In the end, the Eagles lost, leaving Glendale the victory. After accepting the loss, and Glendale celebrating their victory, both teams covered up in an instant line, and walked beyond every other. The Head Varsity Coach stated that they do that as a shape of sportsmanship, and congratulate each other.

“It was a disappointment that we lost,” said Frank Gallardo, “It’s the first time I’ve lost a homecoming game here.” The Eagles will look to bounce back in their remaining games ahead.