Covid Rules for Club Meetings

Daisy Ramirez, South side

With Covid still being a public nuisance, schools are taking measures to ensure the safety of everyone. How has Covid-19 impacted the clubs at South El Monte High School? What are the clubs doing to provide more safety for students?  

 Mrs.Wong, the teacher in charge of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), shared what has been done to ensure the safety of students, Mrs.Wong said, “The new rules are no field trip for the Fall Semester and members cannot eat during a meeting since we are holding the meetings indoors.” Pre- Covid times students were allowed to eat their lunch during the meetings and now they cannot have their masks removed in the classroom. The club’s meetings took place during lunch, and now they host their meetings after school so the students have already had the chance to eat lunch. This is to provide more safety for students. Mrs. Wong stated, “Therefore, we have been meeting after school since I want to make sure that members have a chance to eat.” This measure was taken to help reduce the spread of Covid.

 In the LA Unified School District, there are restrictions that are still being enforced on schools to ensure the safety of everyone, and we can see the school staff is doing their best to contribute. At other schools, they might not be enforcing as many regulations as they should. Will they continue to keep these new measures in the future if Covid transmission rates are significantly reduced? Perhaps the same actions will be taken in the future as a new normal. 

 Overall, it seems like the correct measures have been taken here at South El Monte High School. Eventually it is expected for things to return to normal, but for now this will have to suffice.