Homecoming Fashion Show

Zulema Martinez, Photography Editor

In an attempt to get back to some sense of normality, on Wednesday, September 15th, students showed their school spirit by presenting a Homecoming fashion show for fellow South El Monte students. Each student had a chance to have the song of their choice playing as they walked down the platform. Students also had a chance to have a few seconds to pose at the end of the red carpet for photos. It provided an opportunity for all grade level class’ to be in the spotlight. 

Participants wore formal outfits appropriate for a school dance and walked down a “red carpet” with their “dates.” When asked about the clothes worn in the show, Janira Hernandez said, “ I liked that I saw a mix of gowns and the guys also switched it up- it wasn’t as simple.”  In terms of attire, girls wore midi dresses, a-lines, and paired them with tights, heels, or jewelry.  Boys wore button up shirts, slacks, ties, or suspenders. The biggest difference between 2019’s fashion show and this year’s is the use of masks.  When asked about the show itself and what possible difficulties masks might create, Hernandez said, “breathing because I was nervous…I think what helped was my friend was doing it with me.” Celeste Bucio stated when asked how she felt about being in the show, “I was so excited to be a part of the fashion show with my friend, Ingrid!”  

While the fashion show was pretty normal, it was hard for students to forget we are just returning from a year long pandemic.  The masks had created a challenge for students to make their outfits look the best but as Celeste Bucio said, “I don’t think there were any difficulties wearing a mask.  I love wearing my mask and it also matched my dress so it was a win win.”  This year long pandemic is allowing students to become more creative.

As for crowd reactions, they varied, viewers were selective with their cheers, but mostly loud and cheering for their fellow peers.  The crowd was loud for the homecoming court and Seniors.  With each different song that played, students cheered with each new popular song that made the crowd dance and enjoy the show. As students posed, words of encouragement and gazes fell upon participants.  Homecoming court contestants got to give voters insight on what homecoming night looks like. 

In closing, the Homecoming Fashion Show allowed the students of South El Monte to show their creative side with their outfits, song choices, and different poses.  The pandemic did create a few issues for the students, but it gave them more inspiration to let this year be big.  It is hoped that this fashion show is one of the first steps toward returning to normalcy.