New Teacher Ms. Diaz


Tyler Macias

Welcoming New Science Teacher Ms. Diaz

Tyler Macias, Contributor

Recently, South El Monte High School has hired new teachers for the 2021 school year. One of them is science teacher, Ms. Diaz in room 171. She teaches the biology and physiology courses here. I wanted to find out what it was like to have Ms. Diaz as a teacher, and give a welcome article about her so students can learn who she is and what she has planned for the future.

Her room had many posters that related to her students’ studies on the walls. There was a kid sitting by a science table, but I didn’t take very much notice of them. She welcomed me happily as I sat down on a desk near the front of her class.

Ms. Diaz tries to create a lot of structure and procedures that are simple, and easy enough for her students to understand. She also likes to have visuals in her classroom to remind students of the material they’re learning. Many students have trouble learning through words only, so visuals are a great way to introduce knowledge to them. Ms. Diaz also aims to be clear and consistent with her teaching to help students increase their academics and goals.

“My goal is to help students strengthen their learning and have fun in the process.” Ms. Diaz said.

So far, her biology class has been putting themselves in the mindset of being  scientists, and discussing what it’s like to be a scientist to hopefully get them used to that idea. Her physiology class has been going over the topic of the functions of the human body like metabolism and responsiveness.

When asked about how she’s enjoyed her time here at South, she said that she’s very happy to be here. Despite it being a different type of year, she can, and will do whatever she needs to help her students. It’s great to know that her, and many other teachers will be trying their best to aid students in this next school year, especially after the past year and a half. She says she’s very lucky to be here and that in the last year of online learning her students have been helping her teach during the online school period.

Ms. Diaz seems to be settling in well during the 2021 school year, decorating her classroom and enlightening her students with endless knowledge. With her plans and ambitions she sees her class soaring through the year like Eagles.