SEMHS 2021 Club Rush

Janira Hernandez, Photography editor

On Friday, September 3rd, South El Monte High School hosted its first Club Rush since being back to in-person learning this year. This event took place in the quad and lasted all throughout lunchtime. Club runners took the stands and presented information on their clubs. Students were able to gain a preview of what certain clubs were going to do throughout the school year, and learned about the benefits that come from joining certain clubs. Some of the clubs that participated included the Drama Club, Fashion Club, Anime Club, and the class clubs. Each club is required to have an advisor (A staff member that oversees and guides the club), and cabinet members such as a president, a vice president, secretary, and other essential cabinet positions. This year, the club rush flourished as many students were seen actively participating. 

Students, advisors, and club cabinet members were interviewed throughout the duration of the club rush event. When it comes to the opportunities joining a club offers, Senior and Vice president of the FBLA club Catvy Pham says that clubs allow a person to “network” and give you the “chance to learn things you haven’t learned before.” Her best advice for those who want to join clubs is to “not be afraid to join clubs because they’re really important and are a way to grow as a person and they look good on college applications.”  There’s no doubt that joining a club provides great benefits. Fashion Club Advisor Ms. Diaz stated that “even though things are different regardless of how we feel, every single one of the students is capable of doing great things,” while referring to the pandemic. 

It is evident that the club rush oversee drew the attention of many students. Another fun activity that most clubs participate in are field trips. These field trips allow students to get hands-on experience with the material of the clubs and the members grow closer to one another. Field trips are “a fun way to get to communicate with other students from other clubs that have the same interests as you.” FIDM Fashion club member, Celeste Bucio who recently took a trip to FIDM with the Fashion Club says. She adds “The meaning of a club is to create memories, bonds, and friendships with other students.” This alone displays that the connections clubs have entitled members to inspire club members to be more outgoing and form bonds that leave great memories. “Being part of a club, students get experience in management skills.” Mr.Castillo, Director of activities says. He then adds “ Club involvement shows that a student is more complete as a whole.” All in all, club involvement can improve student success through social and academic aspects. Being involved in clubs ensures students build the skills they need to get far in life.    

Overall, the experience of club rush helped expand interest in clubs within student’s minds. The experience had students eager to gain insight into what specific clubs they had in mind looked like. Senior Celeste Bucio says that the event was “pretty fun,” and liked that “everyone is interested in learning new things about new clubs.” The crowd certainly grew eager to see the abundant amenities the school clubs had to offer. All clubs exerted a warm and welcome atmosphere which made students feel at home. This event was the start of a year filled with entertaining activities provided by SEMHS school clubs.  Mr. Castillo also provided information about the SEMHS clubs and their meeting days.