High School Sports to resume in California: Update on SEMHS Spring sports


Girls Tennis pre-pandemic

Janira Hernandez, Photo editor


On February 19, 2021, the California Department of Public Health announced that outdoor and indoor youth and recreational adult sports are now allowed to resume.  Essentially, this means that people who played sports in places such as schools are now allowed to safely continue due to no longer being in the purple tier (tier in which COVID-19  is more widespread). This is a significant development seeing that sports at South El Monte High School will resume.    

I spoke with Mr. Castellanos, head of activities and assistant principal as well as the head of Athletics, Mrs. Ayala on how these new guidelines will be applied to SEMHS sports activities. When it comes to allowing sports to resume, Mr. Castellanos said “EMUHSD has been committed to only opening up our sports in alignment with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.” He also stated, “The reason for the phased reopening is not only to help stop the spread of COVID, but also to make sure our student athletes are able to slowly get their bodies ready for competition.” Mrs. Ayala added, “Because of the decreased positivity rates across the state, the State Health department is now allowing the red and orange tiers to start competing as long as the positivity rate is < 14 for COVID in the different counties.” Evidently, sports at SEMHS will continue to resume but only if the guidelines given to the school are followed thoroughly. 

I received information from Ms. Ayala in which she says Spring sports may begin conditioning pods “in hopes of moving towards competition.” She added “If we are able to compete we would need to follow the same guidelines with added equipment, sanitation that will have to take place, and limited attendance of games to parents only, for safety reasons in case an athlete gets hurt. According to Mr. Castellanos sports are able to perform “Conditioning for up to 90 minutes.” Some of the guidelines implemented include: athletes are to stay at least 8 feet apart, students interested in sports are only allowed to participate in one sports team, limited attendance of parents, and sanitary precautions. 

Overall, school sports are being permitted to continue. However, there are rules to follow. With cases at a lower number than before, students may be given more opportunities to persevere through the pandemic athletically. If you would like to join a sport, complete the online clearance form . The scheduled competitions for CIF sports are boys and girls soccer- February 27 and league begins March 16. Boys and girls basketball March 12 and league begins March 29th. Boys and girls tennis February 22 and league begins March 23rd. Boys and girls wrestling on March 5 and league begins March 25th. Baseball/ Softball on March 19th and league begins March 31st. Boys and girls track on March 20 and league begins March 31st. Lastly Ms. Ayala wants to add that, “Any student interested in joining the sports teams can communicate with the coaches or communicate with me, and I will give them the information they need.”