The South El Monte High School Library during online learning


SEMHS Campus Security Jesse Paz

Ms. Chan, The South El Monte Librarian.

Jazmin Rocha, Sports Editor

Currently, the library of South El Monte High School is available to students. Ms. Chan the librarian, is available 1-2 days a week from 7 am-3:30 pm.

The main restriction when going to the library is the amount of time a person is allowed to browse books. She’s mindful of the students browsing their collection of books searching for the right one. If students come by and there are no other students, Ms. Chan will let them in to browse, but normally it takes up to 15 minutes. Appointments can be made by emailing Ms. Chan (email address at end of article). 


Students are welcome to go to the library if they know what they’re looking for. If students are unsure what to look for, she advises them to look at the catalog to see what is available in the library. If students don’t know what they are looking for they are also welcome to look around and Ms. Chan or Mr. Bautista will do their best to provide students with options. If students cannot go to the library to pick up their books because of remote learning, they can have their parent(s) or someone else pick up their selections. Lastly, if students do not see a book available in the catalog, they have partnered up with for digital books. There is a selection of books there to sample and browse if students cannot make it to the library. 


Protocols that are taken when visiting the library require students to wear a mask and maintain a distance of six feet. Ms. Chan says that the campus security does a great job of scanning and vetting any patrons who might have a fever before going inside the library. The maintenance staff disinfects the library mid-morning. She highly suggests students not to come between 10:30-11 am because the procedure of disinfecting is very thorough and causes her to vacate the library. The library is also cleaned at the end of the day after she leaves. Ms. Chan also takes precautions, she adds, “I also sanitize or wash my hands after the patron leaves whether I have touched any library materials.” To make an appointment or to ask questions, students can contact Ms. Chan through her email at [email protected]. Students can also check time availability or direct message the library Instagram page at